I am doing research on plastic and understand that you permit Formica and other plastic countertops to be kashered by hagalah. I would appreciate any sources or teshuvos used in making this psak.

Some Poskim and hashgachos accept the ruling of Iggeros Moshe (OC 2:92 & 3:58) that synthetic materials cannot be kashered because we have no tradition as to whether the standard kashering process is acceptable. However, the cRc and most American and Israeli hashgachos follow the opinion of Rav Henkin (Am HaTorah, Cycle 1, Volume 10, page 5), Tzitz Eliezer (4:6:3) and Minchas Yitzchok (3:67) who permit the kashering of plastic, assuming it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of the kashering process. They hold that all materials may be kashered unless the Torah specifically states that they cannot be (as it does with cheress/ceramics).

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