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Kosher Spice List

The following is a list of dried spices that are acceptable for kosher use without specific Kosher supervision. This list should not be used for Passover.

In all cases where a spice is listed below, the ground, chopped, powdered or whole version of the spice is acceptable. Fresh spices and herbs may be a concern with insect infestation.
**See below for exceptions to the spices listed.

To see an article on Spice Blends by Rabbi Dovid Cohen click here.

Allspice Cumin Peppercorns (Any Color)
Anise Dill Pepper
Basil Fennel Rosemary
Bay Leaf Fenugreek Saffron
Black Pepper Garlic- whole or powder Sage
Caraway Ginger Salt
Cardamom Lemon Grass Savory
Chervil Mace Sesame Seed
White & Black (Raw only)
Chili Peppers** Marjoram Sumac (pure)
Chives Mustard Powder and Mustard Seed Tarragon
Cilantro Nutmeg Thyme
Cinnamon Onion Turmeric
Cloves Oregano White Pepper
Coriander Paprika  
Cream of Tartar Parsley  

The following do require kosher certification:

All Smoked Spices
Chili Powders
Horseradish (powder, granulated, dehydrated etc.)
Wasabi Powder
Fresh Chopped Garlic

Spice blends are recommended on a product by product basis. If all of the spices in the spice blend are acceptable without certification, and the blend does not contain any kosher sensitive ingredients, then that particular spice blend will be acceptable without certification. If the spice blend contains spices that require certification, or if the blend contains kosher sensitive ingredients, that spice blend will require certification.

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