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Last Update: 10/30/17

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October 4, 2017
Please be aware that Amplify Foods makes Skinny Pop Aged Cheddar popcornwith a cRc Dairy logo and Skinny Pop White Cheddar Flavored popcorn with a cRc Pareve logo. One should always check the labels carefully before purchasing these products.
Most Pretzilla brand products (for example the buns, balls, wreaths, soft pretzels, etc.) are certified as cRc kosher, and can be identified by the fact that they bear the cRc logo. There are some other products (for example the twists), that are not certified as cRc kosher and therefore correctly do not bear the cRc logo. All cRc Pretzilla products that carry the cRc logo are Pas Yisroel.

June 2017

    The cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) has been finding a high occurrence of insects in strawberries so that the previous method of rinsing and rubbing under a strong stream of water is not being efficient in removing the bugs (especially those that are hiding under the seeds). Therefore, until further notice, we recommend the following method to clean the strawberries from insects:
    1. Cut off tops (try to avoid making a hole);
    2. Soak and agitate strawberries in soapy water (do not substitute with vegetable wash) using a concentrated solution of approximately one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid mixed together with no more than 8 cups of water for 2 minutes. (We have found Seventh Generation Non-Fragrance Natural Dish Liquid Soap to be the ideal soap for those who are concerned about a “soapy aftertaste”);
    3. Rub each strawberry thoroughly under a stream of cold water with hand (or preferably with a bristled brush like a toothbrush);
    4. Soak and agitate strawberries a second time for 2 minutes in new soapy water with the same ratio as above;
    5. Rinse strawberries.

    Once all five steps are done you may enjoy the strawberries without further inspection. Please note that this does not apply to organic strawberries that are very difficult to get cleaned and therefore should be avoided at this time.  Of course, if one wants to avoid the above steps, one can eat the strawberries (even organic) by simply cutting off the tops and peeling off the entire outside of the strawberries, followed by a rinse.

    All frozen strawberries without added flavors or colors are acceptable. All frozen strawberries packed only with sugar are acceptable. Canned strawberries require a reliable hashgacha.



Please note that Birthday Cake covered pretzels and Cotton Candy Covered Pretzels from Chocolate Works is cRc Dairy but is missing D next to the cRc


The cRc is proud to announce that Maayan's Sweet. Delights. 937 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago IL 60622 is cRc certified kosher


We are happy to report that, in consultation with cRc, Classic Kitchen has redesigned their pump pots and urns so that all opinions will agree that cold water can be added on Yom Tov, when the device is in Shabbos/Yom Tov mode.  The upgraded models can be identified by checking the “copyright date”; the upgraded models are copyright in 2016, while the older models will show an earlier year.


The cRc is proud to announce that Mizrahi On Clark LLC, located at 3037 North Clark Street, Chicago, Il 60657 is now cRc certified.


Please note that cRc certifies Cabo Crunch, produced by Handfulls as Kosher Dairy (cholov stam) which the dairy ingredient is clearly stated in the ingredient and allergen panel. However the dairy designation next to the cRc logo was indivertibly omitted. Corrective measures are being implemented.


May 19, 2017

Effective immediately, due to recent revelations regarding the knife sharpening process, the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) no longer recommends using the Cutco Kitchen store at 3207 W. Lake Avenue, Wilmette, IL to sharpen kosher knives. Consumers are reminded that knives should only be sent for sharpening to stores which do not pose a kashrus concern. The two main concerns are that the sharpening companies might wash your kosher knife with other non‐kosher knives, and that they might switch your knife for an identical non‐kosher one. [See for details.]  


Although “cRc”-certified during the majority of the year, many products manufactured by Eli's Cheesecake, those products have the “cRc” logo removed or covered during Passover, and are not kosher certified. Please be careful to check Eli’s products for the “cRc” logo.


November 11, 2016

FERRARA CANDIES - Lemonhead, Red Hots, Atomic FireBall, etc. - that do not bear the UMK symbol are currently manufactured at a non-supervised plant, and are not acceptable. Each package should be checked for the symbol.


September 16, 2016

The following alert was sent by the Vaad of Detroit. Please send all questions and comments directly to Rabbi Beryl Broyde at the Vaad Harabbonim Kashrus Information Line 248-559-5005 #103                                        
GREENFIELD'S HALUSHKA NOODLES from Greenfield Noodle Co., in 12 oz. bags that bear the expiration date of 05-20-18, have been found to be infested with live black and brown flour beetles, and should not be used. Bags bearing other expiration dates may be used.  
(Note: The cases of this product, containing 12 - 12 oz. bags, are labeled as "Lasagna" on the outside of the case.)


September 13, 2016

Several weeks ago we were warned by sources in the flour milling industry that a recent major recall of Gold Medal home baking flour may result in significant shifts in the use of winter wheat vs. spring wheat in such flours. As a result of this, we issued a warning to the Yoshon-observant public for assurance of Yoshon to use all home baking flour if it either has an hashgocho for Yoshon, or it can be determined from the dating code that the flour was packed before Jul 29 ’16. In fact, it has now been determined that the situation has not changed from previous years. Therefore, those flours which have been from winter wheat in the past, should continue to be so this year as well. This includes Gold Medal Flour from factory KC and the Heckers and Ceresota brands.


July 12, 2016

There are several drink mix powders on the market that use the brand name of popular sodas (pops) on the market, such as Orange Crush and Hawaiian Punch.

These are just brand names that were bought through a licensing process and have absolutely no connection to the actual soda company. They would all require a reliable kosher certification on each label to be consider kosher.


July 8, 2016

Dairy Star Ice Cream, 3472 W Devon Ave, Lincolnwood, Illinois, is fully certified by the cRc. While most of the ice cream offerings are Cholov Stam, they do have a selection of products suitable for those that exclusively consume Cholov Yisroel.
Please click on the link below to see the full list of these products at Dairy Star.


June 20, 2016

Scara’s New York Gourmet Italian Ice in the following flavors – Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon, and Sour Apple bears an unauthorized partial cRc logo (the surrounding triangle is missing). The product is kosher, however it was produced on Dairy Equipment. Corrective measures have been taken.

The Italian Ice varieties stated above should not be confused with the Scara’s Chocolate Sherbet, which is actually dairy, cholov stam.



May 24, 2016

from the OU: 
The Orthodox Union does not certify Kirkland Signature Chilean Sea Bass. Some packaging was printed with an unauthorized OU symbol. Corrective actions have been implemented.


April 13, 2016

The KMD (Kashrut Maguen David) of Mexico has informed us that effective April 1, 2016 Kahlua liqueur is no longer produced under their certification.


March 15, 2016

The following alert is being sent on behalf of the UMK. Please address all questions and comments directly to Rabbi Menachem Piekarski at

Due to changes in manufacturing, some varieties of Ferrara Pan candies are no longer certified by the UMK. Packaging with the UMK symbol is still certified. Please make sure to check each package for the UMK symbol


February 23, 2016

 Certain Packages of products under the “Oh Nuts” brand bear an unauthorized cRc logo. In addition, the labels on some of those packages do not indicate that the product is dairy, cholov stam.

The cRc does not presently certify any products under the “Oh Nuts” brand.

Corrective actions are being taken.


 February 23, 2106

Please be aware that certain packages of products under the following brands bear an unauthorized cRc logo.

  • Today’s Temptations – Including but not Limited to Bread Crumbs
  • Biondillo’s
  • Papa Filin
  • Z Best

 The cRc does not presently certify any products under any of the companies listed above.

Corrective actions are being taken.


January 25, 2016

Please be aware that until further notice, the foods containing flour at E.J.'s Pizzeria are not to be considered Yoshon.
They apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


January 21, 2016

Please note that the cRc certified Kosher Korner in the Garden Fresh Market located at 275 Skokie Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60062 has closed. The cRc thanks Mr. Adi Mor and his team for providing quality kosher food to the Northbrook and surrounding areas since 2004.
Please be advised that Baltika Beer is no longer certified by OK Kosher

There are pouches of Wilton’s Dipping Chocolate that bear a cRc pareve logo. Please note that these are dairy as indicated in the ingredient panel. Corrective actions are being implemented.


January 15, 2016

 Jaffa and Mehadrin Growers, Fresh Mandarins, Jaffa - Mehadrin Growers, Israel: The Orthodox Union does not certify fresh Jaffa mandarins that grow during shmita and are sold using a ‘heter mechira’. Some Jaffa – Mehadrin Growers mandarins which state ‘heter mechira’ on the box bears an unauthorized OU symbol. Corrective actions are being implemented.


January 4, 2016

Effective immediately, all products from Minhas Craft Brewery, Monroe, WI, are no longer certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc).


December 9, 2015
Some Muller Pinehurst Family Pak Ice Cream Flavors mistakenly bear a plain cRc instead of the cRc – Dairy symbol. These ice cream flavors are dairy as noted clearly in the ingredients.


December 1, 2015

Effective immediately, all items from Today’s Temptations, Biondillo`s Baking Company, Papa Filin and Z Best are no longer certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc), due to kashrus violations.


November 26, 2015
Effective immediately, Edible Cuts – Midwest Foods, located at 3100 West 36th Street, Chicago, Illinois, is no longer certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc), due to kashrus violations.


October 23, 2015

Please note that Salud Natural Entrepreneur, Inc. has announced that Nopalina Flax Seed Plus Fiber 120 capsules that have the following lots: 46.15; 74.15; 45.15; 52.15; 53.15; 171.15; 43.15 are not certified by the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) and should not be considered Kosher. They do not bear the cRc logo. Items bearing the cRc continue to be kosher certified.


September 25, 2015

Teds Fruit Market on Devon Ave. is selling Parsley Flakes from a company called Orlando Imports. These flakes are products of Israel and buyers should be aware that these flakes likely grew during the shemittah year.


Please be advised that smoked salmon from Zhoushan Mountain Spring Smoke House Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang, China) is being sold at Jerry’s Fruit and Market with an unauthorized OK Kosher symbol (that has the words Kol-K underneath the symbol).These products are NOT certified by OK Kosher Certification.


To view the latest “Kosher Consumer” please click on the link.

.July 21, 2015

Produce from Israel requires special attention to ensure that it is “kosher”.  This includes oversight that it is neither arlah nor from shemittah, and that terumah and ma’aser are separated.

For more on those terms, see

As part of its certification of Hungarian Kosher (Skokie), the cRc addresses these issues for bell peppers, carrots, Jaffa oranges and any other Israeli produce offered for sale.  Accordingly, consumers may consume all produce sold at this store and can rest assured that all of the mitzvos specific to the land of Israel have been fulfilled.

A more limited oversight is provided at City Fresh Market’s Devon store in Chicago; see the kosher certificate at the store for details.


July 1, 2015

Some tostadas produced by Mission Foods bear the cRc with stickers stating “Made in Mexico” Those are NOT certified by cRc and should not be considered Kosher.
Corrective action has been taken.


June 30, 2015

After extensive research, a newly updated Starbucks list has been compiled by the cRc. The following are some of the changes from the previous list:

  1. The cRc now can recommend getting a latte in any location as long as one orders it prepared at less than 115 degree Fahrenheit.
  2. For those that do not use regular milk, in addition to soy milk, there is also coconut milk available under the OU.
  3. Cold brew coffee (a new item) presents a kashrus issue due to kovush.
  4. Teavana teas are mostly not yet kosher certified but they are slowly working towards becoming certified. Of course plain, unflavored tea does not need a hechsher.
  5. Clover coffee can be ordered if one asks the Barista to use wooden sticks instead of the metal whisk.

The list and articles related to cRc ‘s Starbucks research can be found at


June 3, 2015

Revised Iceberg Lettuce Policy

The general cRc position is that pre-washed (bagged) iceberg lettuce is acceptable from any source, even if it is not certified as kosher.  This is because the method of commercially cleaning leafy lettuces is sufficient to remove the insects typically found in iceberg lettuce.  However, in recent weeks, lettuce coming from specific regions in California have been more heavily infested than usual, and it has been brought to our attention that the cleaning methods in use have not always been successful in removing all insects from the lettuce.  Accordingly, some hechsherim have temporarily removed certification from a number of brands of iceberg lettuce, of which the Fresh Express brand is the most prominent. 

We have not been able to independently confirm these results on a national scale, but accept the findings of these hechsherim based on the research of experienced Mashgichim in multiple cities.  Accordingly, the cRc recommends that for the remainder of June 2015, consumers nationally should either (a) purchase iceberg lettuce which bears reliable kosher certification, or (b) wash and inspect iceberg lettuce (fresh or bagged) as per the directions found at

In contrast to the above, we have inspected many varieties of prewashed iceberg lettuce sold in the greater Chicago area, and found that the washing-methods used locally have remained effective in spite of the temporarily increased level of infestation.  Therefore, while it is always preferred to purchase lettuce and similar items with hashgachah, we consider it acceptable for people in the Chicagoland area to continue purchasing prewashed iceberg lettuce even if it is not certified.  As an extra measure of caution, we recommend that those who purchase the non-certified lettuce, should visually inspect a few, small, handfuls of lettuce from each bag before eating the rest of the contents of the bag.

In consultation with other hashgochos, we will continue to monitor this situation and will update our recommendations accordingly.


June 2, 2015

Aunt Millie’s Bakeries’ breads and rolls have been stickered with an unauthorized OK kosher symbol. OK Kosher does certify some Aunt Millie’s muffins as dairy, cholov stam.

Please note that the product is certified by the Kof Q. It may have whey, a dairy ingredient, listed on the ingredient panel, however, we are told that it is a printing error and the bread is definitely pareve.


May 28, 2015

While most Mt. Dew products are acceptable as kosher even without a kosher certification on the label the Mt. Dew Kick Start Energy Drinks are an exception as they may contain added kosher sensitive ingredients such as white grape juice.
As such, only those cans of Mt. Dew Kick Start Energy Drinks that bear a reliable kosher certification on the actual can should be considered as certified kosher.


Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Store Policy

April 28, 2015

During the last several months there have been several new ice cream and frozen yogurt stores opening around Chicago and the country. Some are stand- alone stores while others are located in malls.

Many of these locations profess to sell kosher products under the certification of the cRc or other reliable agencies, and even have signs posted to indicate such. Unfortunately, while they may sell certain products that are kosher certified in their original factory sealed containers, most of the actual stores are not certified kosher. These letters only apply to the un-opened ice cream and yogurt that is listed on the letter of certification, and not necessarily to the store itself. Merely asking the store attendant if an item is kosher is not sufficient, as they may not be aware of specific requirements that may affect the kosher status of an item. One must see the actual product in its original sealed container and be able to ascertain that the product in the container or soft serve machine is the same that you saw in the original factory box and not a “token kosher box”.

In some cases, the scoop must be first washed clean. Any other products purchased, such as cones, toppings, or any other additives must also be inspected to determine if they are kosher. Items such as cakes and novelty items may be coming in from another outside source, so special care must be taken when purchasing any of these items. Since one may not assume that there were no changes made since the last visit, this all must be done each time you go into the store to make a purchase! There are many kashrus issues that can pop-up at non-certified stores. these are just a few of the more common concerns.

As the average person may not be aware of all of the kosher regulations, it is always preferable and recommended to only frequent shops under a reliable kosher supervision. Check with the cRc in the Chicago area, or your local Orthodox Vaad in other areas for the stores under a reliable kosher certification.

The following ice cream shops in the Chicago area are under the certification of the cRc. All items sold at these locations are cRc dairy. In most cases, items are Cholov Stam. Some locations may offer some Cholov Yisroel selections. Several cRc certified restaurants may also offer ice cream in their store.

Only these ice cream stores at the listed addresses are presently certified by the cRc!

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Store, 4041 West Dempster Street in Skokie, IL

Cinnabon and Carvel Ice Cream, 4999 Old Orchard Center, Suite B17, Skokie, IL

Dairy Star, 3472 W Devon, Lincolnwood, IL
847- 679-3472

Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 3132 Devon, Chicago, IL
773- 262-4561

Emma's Bagel Cafe, 9306 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL
847- 673-3030

Graeter's Ice Cream, 1347 Shermer Road, Northbrook, IL


May 19, 2015

This kashrus alert was originally sent out by The Wisconsin K. Please send all questions and comments directly to them at
This is to inform that
Daily Chef:  Strawberry Cheesecake sold at SAMS CLUB has an Unauthorized Wisc K Logo
on the package. The cake is Kosher but the topping and fruit are done individually in each store which are not supervised and should not be purchased as Kosher.
Corrective action has been taken.
Any other Daily Chef Cheese cakes with Wisc K Logo are acceptable for use.


May 14, 2015

The cRc constantly makes upgrades to its liquor list ( The following are some of the recent updates:


  • Allagash Brewing Co (Assorted Varieties) – Not Recommended (the company produces wine beers)
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (Assorted Varieties) – Not Recommended (chametz she’avar alav hapesach)


  • Old Fitzgerald Bourbon – Recommended


  • Monkey Shoulder Original Scotch – Recommended
  • The Balvenie Single Barrel 15 Year – Recommended, but only the original (non-Sherry cask) edition
  • The Balvenie Single Barrel First Fill 12 Year – Recommended
  • The Balvenie Single Barrel Traditional Oak 25 Year – Recommended


  • Grey Goose VX Vodka – Not Recommended (it is finished with a hint of precious cognac)
  • Taaka – Flavored Vodka (Assorted Varieties) – Not Recommended (no longer kosher certified)


May 12, 2015

Ice cream sandwiches manufactured by Hunter Farms for Harris Teeter Stores bears a plain cRc logo. The “D” Dairy designation was mistakenly omitted. The product is indeed dairy, cholov stam, as indicated on the ingredient panel and Allergen alert. Corrective measures are being taken.


The following single serve coffee K cups under the PapaNicholas brand are dairy and bear an unauthorized cRc.
Corrective measures are being taken.

  • Hazelnut Cappuccino
  • Dutch Cocoa
  • Cappuccino


April 28, 2015

Please be aware that Café Latte Toffee and Caramel Macchiato Toffee under the Walgreens brand
were labeled with a plain cRc logo. Both products are indeed dairy (Cholov Stam) as indicated on the ingredients and allergen statement.


April 2015

The Vero Coffee Shop located in the Mariano’s Supermarket at 3358 West Touhy Avenue, Skokie, Illinois is NOT certified as kosher by the cRc.  However, the following are our recommendations for kosher consumers:

  • Coffee – regular or decaffeinated; hot or iced – is recommended
  • Espresso and Latte....... recommended if:

(a) it is made in a disposable cup and

(b) after checking the package to ensure that the milk substitute (if used) is kosher

  • Flavors......................... only after checking the package for a kosher symbol
  • Gelato......................... not recommended
  • Milk............................. recommended (not chalav Yisroel)
  • Milk Substitutes........... only after checking the package for a kosher symbol
  • Sandwiches................. not recommended



April 24, 2015

Kasia’s Potato & Bacon Pierogi bears an unauthorized cRc on the label. While there are many other Kasia’s products that are indeed certified by the cRc, this one particular product is not kosher and the label was printed in error.
The product is being recalled.


April 24, 2015

The following Gelato flavors, marketed under the Gelati Da Brand are certified kosher dairy by the cRc, but mistakenly bear a plain cRc logo:

  • Vanilla Marsala
  • Limoncello
  • Amaretto Chocolate

These items are currently being served by Delta Airlines with
in-flight meals. The items have actual dairy in them as noted clearly on the packaging. Corrective measures are being taken.


April 2015

There is a fast spreading rumor that all new self-cleaning ovens are now made to operate with a much lower cleaning temperature that is not sufficient for kashering. The fact is that while some of the new ovens are indeed manufactured with these new specifications, many are still made with the older method of operating with a much higher temperature that would definitely qualify for kashering at libun gamur. One should check with the manufacturer’s specs to determine the temperature which the self-cleaning mode operates.




General cRc Information

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For clarification on why some symbols are recommended and others are not, you may read
the article on our website titled Understanding the Reliability of Kosher Agencies.  Following is
a link to a list of some recommended symbols Directory of Reliable Kashrus Agencies and their symbols.

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