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     The largest regional Orthodox organization in North America, the cRc is a not-for-profit offering a wide variety of Jewish services including kosher product supervision and kosher certification (kosher approval for products). Kosher certification is available around the world and throughout the year, including kosher Passover supervision.

      We are also involved in community relations, funeral standards, legislative issues, singles programming, youth education, and a host of other activities benefiting the Jewish and general communities.

      cRc provides a Beth Din, a court of rabbis who are experts in Jewish law. In addition to dealing in the area of Jewish divorce, the Jewish court deals with Jewish adoption, conversion, certification of Jewish status, cases of mediation, and legal disputes and is led by the esteemed Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Rosh Beth Din and by Rabbi Yona Reiss, Av Beth Din. 





HaRav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Shlit"a
Rosh Beth Din

HaRav Yona Reiss, Shlit"a
Av Beth Din


Rabbi Sholem Fishbane
Kashruth Administrator

Rabbi Levi Mostofsky
Executive Director

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