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June 15, 2020

At the beginning of May, we issued an alert about a seasonal increase in infestation in blueberrie, and we are happy to inform the public that the infestation has somewhat subsided.  That said, we continue to recommend that the following procedure be done to all blueberries until September 1st: 

Prepare a quart-sized bowl of soapy water per pint of blueberries, soak and agitate the blueberries in the soapy water for 20-30 seconds, and then rinse the blueberries in running water.  This procedure is effective for all brands including those which were previously singled out as being more heavily infested.

Two exceptions to this are organic blueberries, and blueberries which consumers pick by themselves from farms (“u-pick”).  These should be washed and checked using the thrip-cloth method, available on our website here .   When checking with the thrip-cloth method, be alert for worms (that resemble maggots) and other insects.  If insects are found in a batch of blueberries even after they have been washed/checked three times, the berries should be discarded.


May 5, 2020
In recent weeks we have seen a significant increase in insect infestation of blueberries.  After experimenting with different cleaning methods, we recommend that the following procedure be done to all blueberries until June 15th.  [It is hoped that by mid-June the infestation will have passed, and we can return to our traditional recommendation for blueberries.]

·         Prepare a quart-sized bowl of soapy water per pint of blueberries.
·         Soak and agitate the blueberries in the soapy water for 20-30 seconds.
·         Rinse blueberries in running water.

The above procedure is effective for many brands.  However, the following brands of blueberries sold in the Chicago area were particularly infested:  Sunbelle (from Florida only), Driscoll’s (from Mexico), North Bay (from Florida only), and Paradise (from Mexico).  The infestation of these brands was so bad that they will not be insect-free if washed using the above method, and should instead be cleaned either by (a) performing the aforementioned method three separate times, or by (b) using the thrip-cloth method, available at



April 29, 2020
Dairy Star located in Lincolnwood, IL has opened for the season and it continues to be certified under the cRc. Due to the Corona virus all purchases must be pre-ordered online or by phone and picked up at the rear of the store. Due to this arrangement the customer is no longer at the front window when the ice cream is being dispensed. However, Cholov Yisroel ice cream is only certified as Cholov Yisroel when the customer in fact can see the ice cream being dispensed. To accommodate this, Dairy Star allows for Cholov Yisroel customers (who likewise must pre-order) to be present at the front window when the ice cream is dispensed, but it is the Cholov Yisroel customers’ responsibility to implement this by being present. The full Cholov Yisroel menu and instructions is available on the cRc website here.


April 24, 2020

Due to Covid-19, more consumers have turned to online shopping for their groceries, which makes it more difficult to determine whether a given item is kosher-certified. To facilitate shopping in this new reality, the cRc has compiled a short list of items that do not require certification. These items are inherently kosher, and nothing is done to them during the manufacturing process that affects their kosher status. This list can be found on our website here


April 8, 2020

Due to the usually high infestation level of baby spinach, we have just determined that the usual washing process has not been sufficient even when bought under cRc supervision (for example Star Catering baby spinach). Therefore, before using this baby spinach,  the spinach should be soaked in very soapy water, and  agitated for a minute or so. Then one should  remove the spinach and place it  into a bowl of plain clean water. Again, agitate the spinach in the plain water for a minute or so and then it can be is,

If the spinach has already been cooked in a liquid there is halachik basis to allow it to be consumed as is.


March 18, 2020
The cRc Passover 2020 list is now available on the cRc Android and iPhone App.  
For the Android app, the list will sync automatically overnight.  You can also manually sync it by using the sync function in the menu.
For the iPhone app, the updated version must be downloaded from the App Store. 
Links to download the cRc apps can be found on our website here


February 28, 2020

Brown rice has recently been found to have infestation issues, primarily on the East Coast. The cRc's checking has found that brown rice in the Midwest is free of issues.  However, Carolina brand brown rice has been found to have infestation issues even in the Midwest.  Consumers are advised not to use Carolina brand brown rice without a thorough checking.


January 15, 2020

Effective immediately, Dough Dough, located in the Mall Of America at 372 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN, 55425, is no longer certified by the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council).


January 9, 2020

cRc certifies all Day to Day K-Cups manufactured by NAPCO which are pareve, with the exception of the following Day to Day cocoa and cappuccino dairy products which bear an unauthorized cRc logo:

Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

French Vanilla Cappuccino

Sweet & Salty Caramel Cappuccino

These products are primarily being sold at Menards and Woodman. Corrective action is being taken.


December 9. 2019

In November 2015, Today's Temptations' cRc certification was terminated due to kashrus violations.  Currently, there are Today's Temptation display racks that still bear the cRc symbol. An example was found at Prisco's Family Market in Aurora, IL. Today's Temptation products are not certified kosher. Corrective action is being taken.


October 2, 2019

Click here to see the cRc 2019
Pas Yisroel and Yoshon Information


August 23, 2019

Golden Crown Yellow Rice (with saffron) distributed by International Golden Foods Inc. in Bensenville, IL has an unauthorized cRc logo. This product contains non-kosher chicken fat and is not kosher despite the fact that there is a cRc logo on the label as well as being labeled as a vegan product. The product, found at the locations listed below, has been removed from the shelves or the unauthorized cRc on the label has been covered.  However, consumers should remain vigilant of mislabeled product that may remain on retail shelves. If any product bearing the cRc symbol is found, please forward a picture of the item and the location where it was found to Any mislabeled product purchased may be returned for a full refund.  

Arax Foods 

9017 N. Milwaukee, Niles, Il 60714

Fresh Farms  

5740 Touhy Ave., Niles, Il 60714

Fresh Farms  

8203 W. Golf Road, Niles, Il 60002

Garden Fresh Market

400 Townline Rd., Mundelln, Il 60060

Jerry's Fruit & Garden Center 

7901 N. Milwaukee Ave., Niles, Il 60714

Pete’s Fresh Market 

840 Plainfield Road, Willowbrook, Il 60527

Pete's Fresh Market         

17w675 Roosevelt Rd., Oakbrook, Il 60181

Pete’s Fresh Market 

151 Rice Lake Sq, Wheaton, Il 60189

Pete's Fresh Market

10280 S. Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, Il 60455

Sam’s Farmers Market

1045 E Oakton St., Des Plaines, Il 60018

Shop & Save Market 

6312 N. Nagle Ave., Chicago, Il 60646

Shop & Save

7241 Lemont Rd, Downers Grove, Il 60515

Shop & Save

8847 S. Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, Il 60455


August 19, 2019

The cRc certifies as kosher some varieties of Leonidas – Fresh Belgian Chocolates but the majority of products are not kosher certified. These chocolates are being sold at the James Richardson Duty Free Stores at Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel with a sticker on the back of the various boxes that states all products in the boxes are cRc kosher. In fact, many of the products are not certified as cRc kosher. The only products that are certified are those found on the Kosher Letter which can be found at:
Corrective action is being taken.


August 8, 2019
Please be advised that Inspired Organics, Organic Cut Spinach with lot # S1905291 printed on the pouch, has been found to be infested and may not be used even though it bears the cRc logo. Corrective actions are being taken.


August 6, 2019

In recent weeks, there has been a higher level of insect infestation in romaine lettuce. To ensure clean produce during this time, Rabbi Langer, the cRc Rabbinic Coordinator overseeing cRc vegetable checking programs, has been closely monitoring cRc certified produce. He discovered that some batches of cRc certified pre-checked lettuce sold from Wednesday July 31 through August 6 at Marriano’s, located at 3358 West Touhy Avenue in Skokie, may still contain insects.  Accordingly, any consumer who has purchased such lettuce may either return the product to the store for a full refund, or re-wash and check the lettuce at home using the “Thrip Cloth Method” as found on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience


June 6, 2019
All products under the “Al Khyam” brand bear an unauthorized cRc logo.  The Chicago Rabbinical Council does not presently certify any products under the “Al Khyam” brand. Corrective actions are being taken.


May 20, 2019
The Chicago Rabbinical Council certifies Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets Sugar Free Caramels as cRc Dairy (cholov stam). Some of the Vanilla Swirl and Chocolate Swirl packaging only has the regular cRc kosher logo where the word “Dairy” next to the logo was inadvertently left off. This product is dairy as listed in the ingredients and allergen statement. Corrective action has been taken


May 20, 2019
Some kitchen equipment, such as knives, state on the package that “tevillas keilim is not required”. This claim is made based on an assumption that the metal which the knife was made from - was manufactured and always owned by a Jew.  If however, the retail store selling the knife is owned by a non-Jew or a partnership of a Jew and non-Jew, the requirement for tevillas keilim applies despite the label stating otherwise. The cRc has learned of such items being sold in Supermarkets that despite the label stating tevillas keilim is not required, now that it went through the ownership of such stores, there is indeed a requirement for tevilla.


May 10, 2019
Effective immediately, the Chicago Rabbinical Council is no longer certifying any Olive Oilproducts under the brand names of Setpa Sarl and Azeyateen of Tunisia.


May 7, 2019

After months of research, the cRc continues to find a high amount of insect infestation in organicbroccoli slaw. We therefore are no longer recommending using organic broccoli slaw without a reliable hashgacha but continue to recommend non-organic broccoli slaw (which we are continuing to monitor as well).


April 17 2019
The cRc is proud to let the community know that Binny’s Beverage Depot (all 40 stores) has sold their chametz and business this year according to all halakhic requirements for such a sale. For all those who generally avoid a mechiras chametz where the business continued to operate business as usual over Pesach (and have to therefore rely on certain Halakhic leniencies) please note that the mechira the cRc conducted with Binny’s was k’das v’kadin. 


March 28, 2019

The cRc is proud to present its 2019 Pesach Guide which can be picked up, free of charge, at many Chicago-area Shuls and supermarkets. It also can be found on the cRc website at   

We cannot possibly include everything into the printed Guide, so we recommend you turn to www.ASKcRc.org  or on our Android or iOS apps for additional, and updated, information.  We hope you avail yourself of those resources, which are available 24/7.  If you cannot find the answer in one of these locations, feel free to call our office at 773-465-3900 during business hours, or send your questions to

We wish everyone a Chag Kosher V’sameach!


March 25, 2019

The Chicago Rabbinical Council is proud to announce that as of March 8, 2019 all breads baked by Alpha Baking Company are now Pas Yisroel. This includes all their retail products under the brand names: Natural Ovens, S. Rosen, Marry Ann, Kreamo, Golden Hearth, and Castle labels. The cRc would like to thank Rabbi Simcha Smolensky and Rabbi Dovid Jenkins of the OU for their help in facilitating this tremendous accomplishment.


March 20, 2019

Please be advised that local wine outlets are selling wines produced in Israel of 2015 vintage. 2015 was a Shemittah year and anyone that has already purchased it must treat the wine with the specific laws of kedushas sheviis. These wines will have the words “otzar beis din” (in Hebrew) on the label.


March 19, 2019

The website under the headline Vegan Fast Food Chain ‘EARTH BURGER’ Goes Kosher in San Antonio, TX states that “Earth Burger is located at 2501 Nacogdoches Road in San Antonio, Texas and is kosher certified by the CRC”. Please note that while the cRc certifies the Earth Burger at the Mall of America in MN it does not certify the San Antonio location.


March 18, 2019

Due to reports of that non-kosher crustaceans are occasionally being mixed into plain nori sheets, as well as shared oven lines with non-kosher product, the cRc recommends only buying Nori with a reliable kosher symbol. As the nori sheets will have a reliable symbol there is no longer a need to check each sheet against the light for insects.


October 29, 2018

Please note that  (a) Concord Grape Juice Concentrate and (b) White Grape Juice Concentrate distributed by Coloma Frozen Foods, Inc, Coloma Michigan  bear an unauthorized cRc symbol on the label.  The items are not certified kosher.

Corrective action is being taken.


September 12, 2018

Effective immediately, all products manufactured by Conca D’Oro - Ciro (Woodside, NY), are no longer being certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.  This includes product bearing the cRc logo


September 7, 2018

Effective immediately, all products manufactured by All Puree LLC (Middlehope, NY), are no longer being certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.  This includes product bearing the cRc logo


March 26, 2018

Please be advised that effective immediately, Traverse City Whiskey Co., Traverse City, MI, is no longer certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. This includes all Traverse City Whiskey Co. products. Only products purchased before March 26, 2018, are certified kosher when bearing a cRc logo.


cRc Adds Two Minnesota Kashrus Agencies
Blue Ribbon Kosher
Minnesota Kosher


The cRc is proud to announce that we are now certifying Matzah Hamehuderet hand matzos that are baked at the highest kashrus standards. For more information on where one can order these very affordable mehadrin hand matzos please email


Effective January 1, 2018, the cRc no longer certifies any products produced by Altman or Ta’am Teva. Altman is a producer of various vitamins and nutritional supplements.


January 2, 2018

Due to high amounts of insect infestation found under the triangular side leaves on the asparagus, the cRc now recommends in addition to cutting off the tops of green asparagus, one should either peel the entire sides of the asparagus or remove all the triangular side leaves and wash well.

Please be advised that, effective immediately, Yahara Bay Distillers, Madison, WI, is no longer certified by the Chicago Rabbinical Council. This includes all Yahara Bay products, as well as Rokker Vodka. Products currently bearing the cRc logo are kosher-certified.

The cRc wants to inform all those that rely on the cRc list of recommended kosher agencies ( to keep in mind that many times the recommendations do not extend to Pesach Hotels. Each hotel and its hashgacha should be independently reviewed annually despite any previous approvals.   

Please be aware that Amplify Foods makes Skinny Pop Aged Cheddar popcornwith a cRc Dairy logo and Skinny Pop White Cheddar Flavored popcorn with a cRc Pareve logo. One should always check the labels carefully before purchasing these products.

Most Pretzilla brand products (for example the buns, balls, wreaths, soft pretzels, etc.) are certified as cRc kosher, and can be identified by the fact that they bear the cRc logo. There are some other products (for example the twists), that are not certified as cRc kosher and therefore correctly do not bear the cRc logo. All cRc Pretzilla products that carry the cRc logo are Pas Yisroel.

We are happy to report that, in consultation with cRc, Classic Kitchen has redesigned their pump pots and urns so that all opinions will agree that cold water can be added on Yom Tov, when the device is in Shabbos/Yom Tov mode.  The upgraded models can be identified by checking the “copyright date”; the upgraded models are copyright in 2016, while the older models will show an earlier year.


May 19, 2017

Effective immediately, due to recent revelations regarding the knife sharpening process, the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) no longer recommends using the Cutco Kitchen store at 3207 W. Lake Avenue, Wilmette, IL to sharpen kosher knives. Consumers are reminded that knives should only be sent for sharpening to stores which do not pose a kashrus concern. The two main concerns are that the sharpening companies might wash your kosher knife with other non‐kosher knives, and
that they might switch your knife for an identical non‐kosher one.
[See for details.] 


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