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Staff and Contacts

The Chicago Rabbinical Council
   2701 W. Howard St.
   Chicago, IL 60645

    (773) 465-3900
General Fax:
    (773) 465-6632
Kashruth Dept. Fax:
    (773) 465-6929
Business Manager Fax (Rabbi Abe Sharp):
    (773) 465-7219
General Questions and Information:

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European Office:

   Rabbi Eli Lubelsky
   Lange Leemstraat 279
   Antwerp, Belgium 2018
   Phone: +32 32302083
   Fax: +32 32303101

For specific employee contact information, see below.

cRc Staff

Harav Gedalia Dov Schwartz  
Rosh Beth Din - Chief Rabbi

Rabbi Schwartz, Shlit"a, is an internationally recognized scholar and rabbinic leader and final authority on all religious questions for the cRc. Rabbi Schwartz is the author of two books and numerous scholarly articles on Jewish law. He also serves as the Head of the Beth Din of America in New York.

(773) 465-3900 ext 118 • e-mail

Harav Yona Reiss  
Av Beth Din - Chief Rabbi

Rabbi Yona Reiss, is the Av Beth Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council. A noted Torah scholar, attorney, and jurist, Rabbi Reiss continues to serve as a Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS. Rabbi Reiss is a summa cum laude graduate of Yeshiva College (YU) and went on to receive his law degree from Yale Law School, where he was senior editor of the Law Journal. He received his rabbinic ordination from RIETS, where he also earned the distinction of Yadin Yadin.

(773) 465-3900 ext 100 • e-mail

Harav Efraim Friedman  

Direct Line

Harav Daniel Raccah  


Rabbi Dr. B. D. Liebenstein  
Commissioner of the Kashruth Committee

The cRc Kashruth Division is governed by a group of 15 esteemed Rabbis of the Greater Chicago area. Rabbi Dr. Liebenstein, a renowned Rabbi and authority in the field of education, has expertly headed "The Kashruth Committee" for the past decades.


Rabbi Sholem Fishbane  
Kashruth Administrator

One of the bright stars in the field of Kosher Supervision, Rabbi Fishbane directs our Kosher Supervision service with energy and a dedication to our clients. He previously served as a Rabbinic Field Coordinator for the Orthodox Union and Rabbi of the Saranac Synagogue in Buffalo NY. Rabbi Fishbane has been elected as Executive Director of A.K.O. (Association of Kashrus Organizations).

(773) 465-3900 ext 104 • e-mail 

Rabbi Alan Abramson   photo
Beth Din Administrator

Rabbi Alan M. Abramson was ordained at Yeshiva University and holds a B.A. from Yeshiva College and an M.B.A. from Adelphi University. A past president of the cRc, Rabbi Abramson is the menahel (administrator) of the Beth Din and the Rabbi of Anshe Motele Congregation of Chicago.

Responsibilities Include:
Gittin (Jewish Divorce)
Dinei Torah (Halachic Arbritration)
Geirus (Jewish Conversion)
Halachic Status Documentation
Rabbinic Welfare

(773) 465-3900 ext 106 • e-mail 

Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig  
Member, Kashruth Commission
Kashruth Consultant

One of the world’s most respected Kashruth experts, Rabbi Goldzweig has traveled extensively for the past 3 decades and inspected the Kashruth status of thousands of food plants.



Rabbi Dovid Cohen  

Administrative Rabbinical Coordinator
Ingredient Approval Director


Responsibilities Include:
Flavor Industry
Ingredient Review


(773) 465-3900 ext 110 • e-mail 


Rabbi Yaakov M. Eisenbach   photo
Rabbinical Coordinator

Responsibilities Include:
Food Service Industry


(773) 465-3900 ext 109 • e-mail 

Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz   photo
Senior Rabbinical Coordinator


Responsibilities Include:
Chemical Industry
Spice Industry
Condiment Industry
dB Administrator

(773) 465-3900 ext 115 • e-mail 

Rabbi Akiva Niehaus   photo
Rabbinical Coordinator


Responsibilities Include:

Transportation Industry

(773) 465-3900 ext 121 • e-mail 

Rabbi Dovid Oppenheimer   photo
Rabbinical Coordinator


Responsibilities Include:

Industrial Bakeries

Juice & Soda Industry

Candy and Nut Industry

(773) 465-3900 ext 114 • e-mail 


Rabbi Yossi Landa  
Rabbinical Coordinator

Responsibilities Include:
Dairy Industry

(773) 465-3900 ext 116 • e-mail

Rabbi Abe Sharp   photo

cRc Business Manager

Assistant to the Administrator


Responsibilities Include:
Accounts Receivable
New Contracts

Contracts & Trademark Compliance
eMail Alerts

(773) 465-3900 ext 117 • e-mail 

Fax 773-465-7219

Shalva Meyers  
Exec. Assistant - Kashruth Dept.
Personal Assistant to HaRav Schwartz


(773) 465-3900 ext 118 • e-mail 

Basya Israel   photo


(773) 465-3900 ext 113 • e-mail 

Linda Lefkowitz   photo
cRc and Texas-K
Kashruth Support Staff

(773) 465-3900 ext 108 • e-mail 

Jan Mishkin  

Office Manager

IT Manager



(773) 465-3900 ext 112 • e-mail 


Sora Laya Friedman  
Bookkeeping Staff

(773) 465-3900 ext 107 • e-mail 


Renee Meyers  
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director and Beth Din
Personal Assistant to HaRav Reiss

(773) 465-3900 ext 100 • e-mail 


Rabbi Dovid Aronin  
Kashruth Support Staff

(773) 465-3900 ext 119 • e-mail 


Miriam Saacks  

Kashruth Support Staff


(773) 465-3900 ext 101 • e-mail 


Moshe Bunin  

Website and Database Programmer


(773) 465-3900 ext 120 • e-mail 


HaRav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, Shlit"a
Rosh Beth Din

HaRav Yona Reiss, Shlit"a
Av Beth Din


Rabbi Sholem Fishbane
Kashruth Administrator


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