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Rabbis of Chicago

A monthly biography of rabbis who contributed
to Chicago's Jewish community before 1950

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Rabbi Avraham Eliezer Alperstein 1853-1917
Rabbi Rubenstein picture Rabbi Chaim Zvi HaLevi Rubenstein 1872-1944
Rabbi Korb Picture Rabbi Chaim I Korb 1874-1957
Rabbi Regensberg Picture Rabbi Chaim David Regensberg 1895-1977

Rabbi Small picture

Rabbi Issac HaLevi Small 1899-1977


HaRav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, ZT"L
Rosh Beth Din

HaRav Yona Reiss, Shlit"a
Av Beth Din


Rabbi Sholem Fishbane
Kashruth Administrator

Rabbi Levi Mostofsky
Executive Director

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