Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc)

The Chicago Rabbinical Council, (cRc), is a not-for-profit organization offering a wide variety of services! cRc Kosher can help you obtain kosher certification, and kosher product information. Our Beth Din (Jewish court), facilitates Jewish divorce, conversion, and halachic arbitration & mediation. We have a wide variety of community resources for locals and visitors, and we have a vast digital library of shiurim, classes, and articles.

Kosher Certified

cRc Kosher - Your global kosher certifiers with a personal touch

The Rabbinical

Supporting Rabbis and congregations since 1932

Beth Din

Halachic Arbitration/Mediation, Jewish Divorce, Conversion, and more

Kosher Resources

A wealth of resources and information for the kosher consumer

Jewish Guide
to Chicago

Greater Chicago area community resources for locals and visitors

Library of
Jewish Resources

A vast digital library of articles, resources, and shiurim